Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On one side: Obama, the enemy of Zionists. On the other side: #Obama, the friend of #Zionists.

The first picture is a cartoon from the anti-Obama, Christian Zionist blog Daletoons and republished by Mondoweiss. It’s loaded with symbolism, overt and implied. The bottom line is that it says Obama wants to tear down the Wailing Wall, is against peace, and favors sharia law. 

The second picture is a still of the 7-minute film titled America & Israel: An Unbreakable Bond. It’s an official campaign video for Obama. “It begins and ends with the US flag and the Israeli flag side by side – thus bringing the Israeli flag directly into the US election campaign,” writes Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada.

"As such, Obama is legitimizing the role of foreign – although certainly only Israeli leaders – to participate directly in US campaigns. Can we imagine Obama issuing a video in which he is endorsed as pro-Mexican by the President of Mexico, or pro-Canadian by Canada’s prime minister? It’s inconceivable."

So which one is right? 

Obama’s record is solidly pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian. Although the video is for his campaign–and as such could be written off merely as political propaganda–it’s hard to argue with the facts presented in the video:

  • Obama blocked the Goldstone report, and pulled the US out of participation in the UN Durban conference on racism.
  • Under Obama, US military aid to Israel increased to “unprecedented levels”
  • “We are making our most advanced technologies available to our Israeli allies.”

This also doesn’t include US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice refusing to applaud Mahmoud Abbas’ speech or the US cutting money to UNESCO after it gave membership to Palestine. Or Obama’s silence during Israel’s 2008 siege on Gaza, his allowance of continued settlement and theft of Palestinian homes and land, and in general the crimes of occupation.


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